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Each illustration is a digitally restored artwork originally created by natural science artists of the 19th century

The illustrations


In the 1800s, studying natural history and collecting plants and animal specimens became fashionable among the elite. 


Many recognized the business opportunity and launched expensive subscription-based albums and publication series, usually featuring hand-colored lithographs.


These images were regarded as research aids, used to study and classify animals and plants. With the invention of cameras, they gradually lost their scientific significance and became more valuable as works of art.


I collect and curate digitized art originally created by some of the most renowned natural history artists in the 1800s, such as Audubon, Gould, and Lear. I also like to discover works of lesser-known or unknown artists.


I digitally restore these illustrations to create new, enhanced graphics and use the final images to create reproduction prints and to design vintage-style paper products.

The brand


Surround yourself with the beauty of nature

and the world becomes a better place to live in 

It all began with a heartfelt desire to enhance people’s everyday lives by infusing it with the beauty of nature.

The Zoologist Archives started out offering art reproduction prints and evolved into a paper goods brand after listening closely to the feedback of my customers, who wished to have the same beautiful images on giftable items.

I discovered a profound passion for crafting by hand along the way, so I added handmade greeting cards, gift tags, pinback buttons, and notebooks to the product range.

The love of natural wonders is the cornerstone of this brand, hoping to bring you closer to nature in your daily life.



Nature and art should not be admired from afar,

both should be parts of our everyday lives


I'm Fanni, and I live and work in Budapest, Hungary.

My fascination with natural history art started at a very young age. I remember looking at the giant parrot poster on my wall (an artwork by Audubon) and being mesmerized when I was little.

I created this brand in 2020 to help people experience the same feeling.

Working on this brand, being closer to nature, and seeing how happy my products make people were important parts of my healing process during the tough times of losing 2 pregnancies. I am happy to say that since then, we've been blessed with a baby girl.

The maker
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